Our Mission Statement

Through partnership, planning, advocacy and stewardship, the Kupa’aina of Honouliuli accepts the kuleana to preserve and protect our kupuna, historical sites and mo‘olelo of Kalaeloa. We are also committed to assuring that cultural traditions and practices of na ‘oiwi o Kalaeloa are perpetuated.

Our Vision

As Kalaeloa is the Wahi Ho‘okela, Kalaeloa Heritage Park is the piko and Wahi Pana of Kalaeloa, where na ‘oiwi mau loa (the ancestors and us) shall live forever.

About KHLF

The Kalaeloa Heritage and Legacy Foundation (KHLF), a 501 (c) 3 Native Hawaiian organization formed by members of ‘Ahahui Siwila Hawaii O Kapolei (ASHOK) and dedicated residents of the Honouliuli ahupua‘a (land district) for the purpose of preserving and protecting Native Hawaiian Cultural and historical sites of Kalaeloa by creating a heritage park.

Since 1998 ASHOK has worked with the Navy, Barbers Point Redevelopment Commission, and then with Hawaii Community Development Authority (HCDA) to preserve these sites and minimize damages. In December of 2010 members of ASHOK’s Kalaeloa committee came to the realization that these sites needed the exclusive dedication of an organization to preserve these sites and create a heritage park. The committee and ASHOK stepped aside so such an organization could be created. A conceptual plan for the park was drafted in 2014 and the foundation was given a 40 year lease to the park property in December of 2015.

KHLF’s mission for the Heritage Park is the stewardship and preservation of these Native Hawaiian cultural sites and the cultural landscape of Kalaeloa, to educate the community on cultural traditions and practices, advocate cultural awareness, implement and maintain an authentic Hawaiian presence in the Kalaeloa area.