A “Rebirth, a New Life, a Beginning” on an Island

By Shad Kane

The question that needs to be asked is “how long does it take a migrating people to see themselves other than their place of origin”. It is different living on an island than living on a continent.  It is this important aspect that helps one understand why island peoples define themselves in terms of the aina. It is a personal relationship that grows out of living in isolation where distance and water serves as a barrier to one’s past.  This is the story of a place once known as Kualaka’i, the Kalaeloa Heritage Park. Continue reading

Manoa Heritage Center

On Saturday, January 14, members of the Manoa Heritage Center came to visit us at the Kalaeloa Heritage Park.  They serve as the caretakers and docents at the Manoa Heritage Center.   The Manoa Heritage Center was founded in 1996 by preservationists Sam and Mary Cooke, and is a non-profit organization, whose mission is to promote the thoughtful stewardship of the natural and cultural heritage of Hawai‘i. Continue reading

Hawaii Bicycling League

by Shad Kane

On Saturday, February 4 the Hawaii Bicycling League came to visit us at the Kalaeloa Heritage Park.  It was a memorable day to see so many bicycles arrive at the park from various parts of O’ahu. They gathered at Blaisdell Park and the West Loch Shoreline Park for their trip to the Park.  Continue reading

UH West Oahu Student Sierra Gouldʻs Interview of Shad Kane

by Shad Kane and Sierra Gould

This article is the result of a request by a University of Hawaii West Oahu Student Sierra Gould.  She participated in a UHWO Work ‘n Learn Botany Project facilitated by Dr. Bruce Koebele at the Kalaeloa Heritage Park on Saturday, February 11.  It was a day that those of us who participated in it will not soon forget.  For it was a day of rain under a flood alert.  However, it did not deter Sierra and her fellow friends and fellow students. Continue reading

Certificate of Appreciation – Kapolei Veterans Center

On January 31, 2017 the Kapolei Veterans Center presented one of our board members and Facilities Manager, Shad Kane, with a “Certificate of Appreciation”.  This certificate was awarded to Mr. Kane in keeping with the partnership between the Kapolei Veterans Center and the Kalaeloa Heritage and Legacy Foundation.  The certificate was awarded to Shad for his support of Veterans, Service Members and their families.  It was presented by Mr. Edmond De Guzman, Director of the West Oahu Vet Center in the presence of their office staff.  Continue reading

2016 KHLF Annual Report

Happy New Year!  We hope your 2017 has been great thus far.

Below is the link to Our 2016 Annual Report for you to look through and read.


KHLF Annual Report 2016

International Archaeological Research Institute, Inc.


International Archaeological Research Institute, Inc. (IARII), is a private non‑profit corporation, based in Honolulu and Guam, that has conducted archaeological investigations throughout the Pacific-Asia region since 1986. The company has completed nearly 1,000 historic preservation and research projects of almost every size and type over a vast geographic region. Continue reading

2nd Annual Kalaeloa Heritage Park Luau Fundraiser

Version 2

The 2nd Annual Kalaeloa Heritage Park Luau Fundraiser held this past summer was not only a success but exceeded all our expectations. It was a sold-out crowd. A big mahalo to HCDA board member Shirley Swinney for her leadership of which this could not happen without her hard work and dedication to the heritage park. Continue reading

Stone Mounds


Our ancestors lived in a world of parallel and intersecting lines associated with the heavens. The rising and setting of the sun, moon and stars, lines of sight all integrated into the construction of their houses, walls, agricultural efforts and even above ground burials. It was a world of symbols and signs that manifest themselves in a sense of presence. One only need to recognize it. It is personal.

Amongst the many archaeological features at the Kalaeloa Heriage Park are coral mounds. They are described in a subsistence manner. There are many. Some easy to see and recognizable, others more obscure. Some just a pile of stones. However, they all appear to be set in place by hands. Not by the wind, not by the moving of the ground or water but by one’s hands. This article is only meant to help us see as we once did and develop in us an appreciation of how life once was and those who are no longer.

Continue reading

Team Rubicon


Amongst the organizations that have been providing volunteer help at the Kalaeloa Heritage Park is a national disaster relief organization by the name of Team Rubicon. They have been to the park several times over the past few months to help with heavy work. Work that most of us struggle with. It is interesting that they have time to share with us considering the level of national disaster relief request they get. They are amongst our most dedicated partners.

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